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We are a pre-charter passenger (and goods) service, so all our work is pre-booked, which means that our clients are traceable. This alone makes it much safer and more pleasant for our drivers than working in a taxi service where the majority of work is picking up complete strangers.


Due to increased business, we’re looking for casual drivers.


Our work is based from wherever the vehicle, a people carrier, is  kept.  Journeys are typically from base to pick up passengers (or occasionally packages), deliver them to their destination, sometimes multiple journeys and then return to base.  Payment is per journey, related to the fare charged and generally nets you around $20 per driving hour, before tax.  We expect you to agree in advance the hours when you are available and we attempt to give you as much notice as possible of the work.  Occasionally this can be very short!  Instructions are given by telephone, text, fax or email and we would expect you to adhere to our performance standards and procedures. The job will usually include accepting and reconciling payments on our behalf from clients.


You will probably drive either our vehicle, as above in which case we meet all costs except traffic infringement fines, or uninsured losses due to extreme carelessness, and we pay you directly for your work, and sometimes you may keep our vehicle at your place of residence for periods of time.


OR you can use your own vehicle, see below, in which case you instead retain clients’ payments, meet all expenses and pay us a percentage of turnover, to be agreed. 


Basic requirements


Located in or near agreed site.

‘P’ endorsement to your (current) NZ drivers’ licence

Cellphone with headset

Home telephone

Access to a computer and/or fax

Excellent spoken English.  Knowledge of any other language is an advantage

Previous professional experience in any career


Additional requirements only if using our vehicle


A place at or very near your residence where our vehicle can be kept safely off-street if keeping our vehicle overnight.

Enough mechanical knowledge to carry out routine checks, eg oil and water level, and to ‘sense’ problems


Additional requirements only if providing your own vehicle


A Transport Operators’ licence

A well kept and reliable 8 seater people carrier with a certificate of fitness, preferably Toyota




If you want to find out more about this exciting possibility please phone Derek on 473 1148 or email us via our main website  HOMEPAGE

Read more about: vehicle and work
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